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At Trilogy Mortgage, we want to assist California home buyers achieve their homeownership goals through financing that works for their purchase needs and their budget. Our California Jumbo Loans are designed to finance high value property that is priced beyond conforming limits. With our Jumbo Loan options, buyers can have more borrowing power – and with multiple term options, each borrower can determine the best Jumbo Loan solution for their finances.

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Jumbo Loans from Trilogy Mortgage are designed to help California home buyers finance higher priced homes that are valued above area loan limits. The Federal Housing Administration will only finance loans up to certain amounts. These loan limits vary by location. Since California is known to have higher-than-average real estate prices, the state’s loan limits tend to be higher as well. However, even with higher loan limits, California still has plenty of high value real estate that is listed for prices above conforming limits. 

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At Trilogy Mortgage, we offer a selection of Jumbo Loans to suit a variety of buyers interested in high value real estate. Choose a 30 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo for a longer term to help keep payments low. Or, if you don’t plan to live in the home more than a few years, consider a 5/1 Jumbo ARM to enjoy a low rate for the first five years of the mortgage. Other options are available, so be sure to speak with one of our loan professionals to compare California Jumbo Loan features.

Jumbo Loan Quick Facts

Thinking of applying for a Jumbo Loan? We can help. Before you get started, here are a few basic facts about Jumbo Financing from Trilogy Mortgage:

  • Jumbo Loans are for homes priced above conforming loan limits for the area.
  • They may have slightly higher interest rates, as they are much larger loans and tend to carry more risk.
  • They typically require at least 20% down and a fairly good credit score. (Talk to one of our loan professionals for detailed eligibility requirements)
  • They can be offered in fixed or adjustable rate terms.


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Client Testimonials

Feedback from Customers

Margaret C.

Pasadena, CA (via YELP)

“My dad has worked with this lender twice before and gave me glowing reviews. I still did my own research into a handful of other companies and none of them came close to the rate offered here.”


Catherine N.

Fullerton, CA (via YELP)

“Exceptional service from end to end! Mike found the lowest rates and closing costs for us and was able to pull us away from a big bank that we used for many home purchases and mortgage refinances. He and his team did a superb job every step of the way. ”


Chuck H.

Long Beach (via YELP)

“I was referred to Trilogy and I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends, coworkers and relatives. All the paperwork was complete and accurate. The process was actually easy and I saved so much money on my mortgage.”